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Private Property Vehicle Towing

Parking can be a problematic thing, both for property owners and for vehicle owners. One of the most common problems that require private property towing in Palo Alto, CA is the unwanted presence of foreign vehicles on one’s property. In other cases, it can also be the need to help move broken-down vehicles outside of the private property. At Specialty towing we can take care of all your private property towing needs. Call us at 650-365-1011 for a quote

Reasons you might need Private Property Towing

Here are just some of the problems you may encounter that could require the help of a private property towing service near you: 

  • Illegal / unauthorized parking
  • Parking overstaying
  • Parking of abandoned or non-functional vehicles
  • Obstruction of fire lanes
  • Obstruction of handicap lanes
  • Obstruction of dumpsters
  • Obstruction of public or private driveways
private property towing company near me palo alto ca
private property towing company near me palo alto ca

Private Property Towing Laws

Some people may find that getting a car towed off private property isn’t really worth the fuss, but illegal or unauthorized parking on private property is illegal. This is especially true if it compromises or obstructs lanes or pathways commonly used for emergency purposes. It’s a common enough occurrence to be a cause for concern, particularly in areas where vehicular traffic is already congested. As such, the California Vehicle Code §22658 (a) authorizes private and commercial property owners to remove unauthorized or abandoned vehicles found to be parked in a private area (add link to CA website that cites this law). It is therefore important to know even the most basic of private property towing laws.

Private Property Towing Regulations

Some of the basic regulations are: 

  • If a sign declaring the area to be private property is posted in clear view at the entrance of the property and a foreign vehicle still decides to park there, it can be towed. 
  • If the vehicle is parked within at least 15ft of a fire-hydrant, or is blocking a fire lane.
  • If the vehicle is parked in such a way as to make entry and exit of other vehicles or of individuals difficult.
  • If the car, truck or motorcycle has overstayed its allotted parking limit in a private parking lot that is open to the public only during certain hours (i. e. supermarket).

Towing vehicles from Private Property 24/7

Private Property Towing Companies

Having to deal with the technicalities of legalese can be a headache to private property owners.

Thankfully, Specialty Towing in Palo Alto California, a private property towing company, is there to take care of these issues for you.

If you’re anywhere near Palo Alto, California and were wondering if there’s a private property towing company near me, then look no further. Palo Alto is a small city, and our drivers service all commercial properties and the surrounding areas. 

Specialty Towing take’s away the hassle of having to evacuate illegally parked vehicles from your property. This keeps the property manager from running the risk of causing damage to the offending vehicle which would cause even greater problems.

Specialty Towing is one of Palo Alto and the entire Bay Area’s oldest towing companies. They have over 30 years of experience in a number of different towing services and a Wreck Master certification for all of their drivers. You can’t go wrong with Specialty Towing. 

Based in Palo Alto, CA, Specialty Towing makes things easy, efficient, and reliable. If you’re ever in need of a private property towing company near you, Palo Alto’s Specialty Towing is your go-to. 

Specialty Towing offers 24/7 towing services for private properties and commercial properties. To find out more, call 650-365-1011.