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Heavy Duty Towing Palo Alto CA

Commercial Truck Towing in Palo Alto California

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Heavy Truck Towing Services – An Overview

Heavy duty tow trucks differ from the regular ones in that they are larger, to account for the general size of the vehicles they have to tow. They also tend to have greater horsepower, and are equipped with specialized tools to ensure efficient, safe, and hitch-free towing.

Heavy Truck Towing Services – An Overview

Commercial Truck Towing in Palo Alto California

If a regular vehicle breaks down, it’s easy enough to just call for a tow-truck to help. But in large cities like Palo Alto, CA which encounter regular traffic from heavy vehicles, there’s always the need for emergency heavy duty towing services

Large vehicles like trucks, RVs, and buses also experience breakdowns from time-to-time. Unforeseeable circumstances like breakdowns, rollovers, and accidents are bound to happen when driving large vehicles, especially if they’ve been on the road for a significant amount of time. 

Due to the sheer size of some industrial-type vehicles, regular towing services might not have enough power to tow a broken-down truck or bus safely and efficiently. This is where heavy duty truck towing comes in. If your bus, truck, or RV has broken down and you’re in need of heavy duty towing in Palo Alto, CA, here’s all that you need to know:

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Not all heavy duty tow trucks are alike, though. Do you need specialized heavy duty towing equipment? There are specialized tow trucks that are used just for semi truck towing, semi-trailers, box truck towing, cement truck towing, garbage trucks, motor homes, and heavy recovery purposes. A good towing company should have their own roster of commercial tow trucks for every situation. Examples of specialized towing vehicles are: 

Heavy duty rotator truck in Palo Alto CA

Boom trucks

– also known as ‘rotator trucks’; these have specialized winch and rotating cranes that allow vehicles to be lifted up and out of ditches or embankments. These are useful not just for large vehicles, but moored cars and motorcycles as well.

Flatbed trailers

– colloquially known by the most popular manufacturer of flatbeds – Landoll – the flatbed trailer is a truck without sides or a roof, with a solid flat ‘bed’ and a detachable hinged ramp that allows vehicles to be loaded onto it with ease. Some flatbeds even have heavy-duty winches which help to load vehicles with damaged axles or non-rolling wheels. 


Lowboy trailers

– these are extremely low, and even more ‘heavy duty’ variants of the flatbed. These employ either ramp-type or winch type loading methods, and are able to carry industrial-grade heavy equipment like bulldozers and roller-compactors with relative ease. 

Big Truck Towing in Palo Alto CA

All of these variants make bus towing and industrial equipment towing possible, even if they are completely non-functional or have no available operator. This makes it perfectly possible, for example, to tow a parallel-parked large semi or an illegally parked trailer van with ease. 

If you’re wondering if there’s a heavy duty towing service near me, we have you covered. Palo Alto, CA heavy duty towing is just a phone call away. If you’re in need of heavy duty towing services, let Specialty Towing provide you with reliable, hassle-free service. 

Specialty Towing is one of the oldest towing services in Palo Alto, with over 30 years of experience in roadside assistance and vehicle towing jobs. Fully equipped with lowboy trailers, flatbeds, and rotator trucks – they have all that you’d ever need. Fully-staffed with Wreck Master certified personnel, their services are unparalleled. If you’re ever in need of roadside assistance in Palo Alto, CA, Palo Alto’s Specialty Towing offers 24 hour roadside assistance seven days a week.  Call 650-365-1011 for immediate help . 

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