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About Specialty Towing Palo Alto

We’ll tow your vehicle to safety.

Specialty Towing was started in 1980 under the name Rosas Towing. Starting out in a small garage on the 6th Avenue Menlo Park CA, Rosas became a leader of local towing for many years being bought by Isabel Trujil.

Since then, Isabel has done her best to turn Specialty Towing into a world-class towing company, with expert services for both institutional and individual clients throughout the Bay Area.

As of 2020 Specialty Towing has grown into a large towing company in the Palo Alto, California area. They now have different types of tow trucks like rotator trucks and landoll and lowboy flatbeds.

Specialty Towing has two sister towing companies for your convenience in the bay area. They are San Francisco Bay Area Towing and Auto Towing.

Our Mission

Experienced, professional, and affordable. Let us help you with your vehicle breakdowns, with a specialty in towing.

Our Vision

Specialty Towing provides customers with high-quality tow truck service. We will go the extra mile to meet all of your needs.

The best towing service provider

Speciality Towing is the best towing service provider in the East Palo Alto CA area. Our team has 30 years of experience and we pride ourselves on our quality assurance.

Roadside Assistance

  • We specialize in roadside assistance and can provide you with everything you need, no matter what time of day or night it is. So if you ever need help with your car, we’ll be there to provide the necessary assistance.
  • Our team is quick to react and can handle all your vehicle needs: tire change, battery jumpstart, engine assessment, minor repairs, car locksmith, fuel delivery, vehicle towing, and more. We can help with all types of vehicles.

Light - Medium & Heavy Duty Towing

  • Light Duty towing is often used for cars, small vehicles and boats. The type of equipment needed is a tow truck and a dolly for smaller vehicles.
  • A heavy duty towing vehicle is necessary when you need to tow a tractor trailer or other large vehicle that exceeds the weight requirement of the standard light duty tow truck.
  • No matter what you need to tow in East Palo Alto, we have the cheapest prices and a solid reputation within the city.

24/7 Emergency vehicle towing Dispatch with GPS Tracking

  • Our Emergency vehicle towing dispatch with GPS tracking is the most reliable service for emergency towing.
  • We make sure that our 24×7 emergency dispatch service is always available when you need it
  • Our Emergency Vehicle Towing Dispatch provides 24/7, 365-day coverage. We dispatch our trucks from the nearest location to minimize the ETA.
  • Contact us today and let us show you why Speciality Towing is the best at what we do!

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Our Towing Services include coverage in these East Palo Alto, CA locations:

Whether you need emergency roadside assistance or want reliable, friendly support for all of your auto-related needs, Specialty Towing is here for you. We have experienced and professional drivers on staff at all times – just give us a call!