Private Property owners have the right to tow their vehicles and their guests, as long as they follow all the local regulations.

With so much confusion and misinformation circulating online, it’s important to know who to call when you get towed and have questions about your specific situation.

This article will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about private property vehicle towing.

How does Private Property Towing work?

If you live in a city or town, your street may be designated as a private property tow street. This means that the police department or municipal governmentpr is responsible for towing cars on this street.

If you violate any rules of private property towing, such as driving on the wrong side of the street, the towing company may take your car away and charge you for towing and storage.

What does a private property tow truck do?

A private property tow truck is typically used to tow away cars illegally parked on private property. The tow truck driver will contact the property owner and ask them to remove the car.

If the property owner refuses to take the car away, the tow truck driver will then tow the car away.

What kind of vehicles does Private Property Towing tow?

Private Property Vehicle Towing tows various vehicles, including cars, trucks, RVs, buses, and motorcycles.

What is the difference between Private Property Towing and a tow truck?

The most common question is the difference between Private Property Vehicle Towing and a tow truck. Here’s what you need to know:

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Private Property Towing Most Asked Question Answered By Expert Specialty Towing
Private Property Towing Most Asked Question Answered By Expert Specialty Towing

What are my options if my vehicle is parked in the wrong place?

The thought of having their car towed seems like a nightmare for many people. In reality, however, it’s not as bad as you think. Here are some options if your car is parked in the wrong place:

What are the benefits of Private Property Towing?

Regarding towing vehicles on private property, experts say there are many benefits. For one, private property towing company is a more personal service than the public sector typically offers.

This means that the tow truck driver is more likely to know the vehicle’s owner and be familiar with the car’s location. Additionally, private property towing services are usually cheaper than government agencies.

Lastly, private property tow trucks are often equipped with more advanced equipment than those used by government tow trucks, which means they can handle more difficult tasks.


After reading this article on private property towing, you will understand what tow trucks are legally allowed to do when they are called to remove something from private property.

You will also know the questions that typically arise when someone thinks their car is being towed without their permission and how to address them.